King Pin 2024

Can I bring my spouse with me on this trip?

In fact, you are encouraged to bring your spouse or guest with you to celebrate your achievement!  Make sure you register them as a guest when filling out the registration form.  Each invited participant can invite one guest. 

Is it necessary for my guest to travel on the same dates as I do?

No, your guest can arrive after you do and leave prior to your departure.

Can I extend my stay at the Resort?

Great Dane will host your trip for you and your guest June 27-30. Should you wish to arrive before or after those dates, we can assist with extending your trip. Please indicate your preferred arrival and departure dates during your registration. Any additional nights are based on resort availability and at a cost of $399.00 plus taxes per night.

Does my guest have to pay to participate?

No, your participation includes one guest, and we will arrange airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations (shared room), meals and activities for them.

What do I do if my plans change?

Please contact us immediately if your plans change. Great Dane is covering your travel, and we will need to account for changes that may affect your overall experience.

Will someone contact me before booking my flight?

Yes, you will receive an email from our Events Department on how to coordinate your airfare for both you and your guest. 

What do I need to pay for?

Great Dane will cover all event related expenses including airfare, ground transportation, meals, activities, and gratuities.  Any additional cost such as additional spa services or enhancements or gift shop purchases will be paid for by the attendee.