Palm Beach, fl | Jun. 27-30

King Pin 2024

The king pin is the strongest part of the entire trailer, the powerful connection that allows for the safe and efficient delivery of our customer’s products.

 In 1989, the King Pin Awards were created as the highest honor a salesperson can receive from Great Dane. This accolade was named purposefully to exemplify the strong relationships and vital connections King Pin recipients establish with their customers.

Each King Pin winner represents the best in the trailer industry. They’re also the highest achieving salespeople for the year. King Pin recipients exemplify professionalism, integrity, sales ability, and exceptional trailer or truck body knowledge. They bring these qualities to the field and gain the trust of their customers. They adapt to any environment, learning about a customer’s needs by listening to their concerns and understanding their challenges. They offer innovative solutions that help their customers increase their productivity, often creating a loyal following.

 Those honored with a King Pin award are in a group unlike any other and represent the very characteristics that make Great Dane great.  

To each of our King Pin winners, we hope you enjoy this special weekend planned just for you.